Frina Tenerife promises to:

  • Find the right profile of the new owner, who can continue developing your already established business in Tenerife. We know how proud you are to have developed your business to its current stage and how important it is for you to pass it on to the right hands. We therefore take very seriously your decision to sell your Tenerife business and strive to understand all the necessary details of it, its background and current status, as well as future potential. Once you have contacted us we will arrange a mutually convenient time for our personal visit to your Tenerife business location where we will go with you through all the details of the business and agree on its sales strategy. It is also of utmost importance for us to have access to all your documentation confirming your business’ legal compliance and debts clearance, as this will speed up the process once we have found a serious buyer for your Tenerife business. At the end of our meeting we will sign a simple authorization letter formally instructing us to advertise and sell your Tenerife business on your behalf. Knowing the background of your Tenerife business and your requirements we will be able to identify more precisely a possible match of potential buyer, so we will not bother you or occupy your precious business time with visits and inquiries which have no serious need.
  • Advertise your Tenerife business for sale on our business portfolio and through our wide advertising channels targeting to address various international markets of potential buyers of businesses in Tenerife. Through our cosmopolitan background and personal portfolio of four native spoken languages we have strong connections to at least five European nationalities and we do enjoy ease of communicating in English, German, Dutch and Russian languages. So, you can imagine that the potential market of buyers for your Tenerife business becomes wider and therefore, the chance of a successful sale increases.
  • Keep you updated on the status and market reaction to your Tenerife business and mutually review if any changes are required in the sales strategy.