A Changing Market
Business in Las Americas predominately serves an evolving tourist market. Changes in consumer demand combined with the revitalisation of areas within Las Americas have led some businesses to struggle while others prosper. With the right specialist business advice, new investors are best placed to take advantage of these changes as locals look to the past and lick their wounds.

Playa de Las Americas
is probably the best known area in Tenerife. The ‘resort city’ throngs with tourists during the busy months of summer, winter and spring. When the rest of the island is quiet, you can guarantee that Las Americas has tourists. It is the sheer popularity of Playa de Las Americas that creates rapidly evolving demand in the range of goods and services tourists consume. The size of the tourist market in this area is so large and spending patterns so broad, that a wide range of niches have been successfully exploited.

Las Americas Locations
Just like any city, there are micro-regions within it. Though relatively new in construction, there are already newer and older areas. Many of the older hotels have taken advantage of massive grants for refurbishment while the councils have invested in street furniture and the general beautification of certain roads. As these zones in Las Americas brighten up, drawing tourists like moths, local businesses benefit. Newly built areas have the same effect. This geographical shifting of prosperity is one that investors looking for a business for sale in Playa de Las Americas can take advantage of.

New Markets
It is not just the geography within Las Americas that affects business, but the places that tourists come from. There is much more national variety in the tourists visiting Tenerife. Walk through any busy tourist area and you’ll hear tourists speaking languages that you would never have heard just a few years ago. New markets have opened and the Tenerife tourist board have focused promotion and marketing at these holidaymakers. As their numbers grow, their demands provide new opportunities for businesses.

Market Trends
Astute businesses may have also noted the shift in the type of tourist that has been visiting Las Americas. Here again, the Tenerife tourist board have been instrumental, marketing the island to higher income brackets. The rising quality of both new and revitalised hotel stock will continue this trend upmarket. However higher spenders are more discerning customers. Businesses in Playa de Las Americas that have adapted to appeal to this sector have invariably reaped the benefits. Those that have not have suffered.

Businesses in Las Americas that have not yet sensed the changes provide great opportunities for new investors. Set in their ways, many Tenerife businesses are for sale simply because their owners have not kept up with the changing patterns of consumer demand. The recent recession has dealt a double whammy to these sorts of businesses for sale in Las Americas, forcing prices well into the realm of bargains.

Investor opportunities
For new investors bringing new ideas, these market conditions offer an unparalleled level of opportunity. This is not only because businesses can be bought at prices below their true value, but also because these fresh investor eyes are the best placed to seize the new opportunities offered by an evolving market. With good advice from Tenerife business sales specialist, entrepreneurs can snap up businesses in Las Americas with enormous unexploited potential at rock bottom prices.