Doing business in Adeje

Adeje is one of the most prosperous municipalities in Spain and covers an area of the coast that includes Playa de las Americas, Fañabé, la Caleta and Callao Salvaje – the whole coastline has been recently rebranded as Costa Adeje. Stepping back from the beaches, Adeje includes residential areas popular with expats, such as Roque del Conde and its administrative center is the thriving town of Adeje itself.

The economy of Adeje is based primarily on tourism and this has attracted businesses of many types to the area. With a resident population that doubles every decade, the local economy is becoming increasingly diverse, supporting an ever wider range of businesses as it swells.

Local Services

As you would expect from such a prosperous municipality, the level of local services and bureaucratic efficiency is superior to other areas in Tenerife. Streets are kept clean, well maintained public areas with attractive street furniture and a rolling plan of regeneration ensure that the area meets tourists’ expectations.

From a business point of view, Adeje is probably one of the easiest places to do business on the island. The local authorities are relatively forward-looking and obstructions to legally running a business are kept as low as Spain’s love for paperwork allows. 

Opportunities Galore

Despite the recession, Adeje is still a thriving economy and the prognoses for both short and long-term future are good. The diversity of the very international local population and the changing demands of tourists ensure a constant supply of new niches and opportunities.

Businesses focused directly on the tourist industry such as hotels, bars, cafés, and restaurants are the mainstay of Adeje’s economy. With the bulk of Tenerife’s 5 million tourists staying in the area, spread across over its 200+ hotels and thousands of private apartments, Adeje has a huge range of places to eat and drink. Slowly, business owners are starting to realize that tourist tastes are more diverse than the run of the mill British bar as new opportunities and niches are exploited.

New investors in Adeje businesses will certainly have the feeling of coming to the right place at the right time. The recession has affected tourism in the area and as the economy picks up, there is a surplus of businesses for sale remaining from times when investors were scarce. This means that prices of businesses for sale relative to their incomes are slowly ascending from an all-time low. With the right advice, an investor today can be assured of finding a prosperous Tenerife business for sale at a bargain price.

Where to invest in Adeje

Adeje is not static, it is a fast evolving and relatively new population center. Areas of best opportunity are subject to all sorts of local factors such as planned regeneration, new building projects and changing tourist demand.

If you are planning to invest in a business in Adeje, talk to your business agent about these trends in order to give your new venture the best possible start. A good agent should have a depth of knowledge of the local economy and area to help you find the best possible business for sale in Adeje for your budget. So choose your agent wisely!