Business in Fañabe
Fañabe is the jewel in the crown of the new, rebranded Tenerife and draws tourists in huge numbers. Its popularity with tourists makes it an excellent location for business. If you want to enjoy the success of this area by investing in a Fañabe business for sale, then you will need to arm yourself with a broad understanding of the area.

Investment in Fañabe

Investment, both private and the public has poured into Fañabe, an area that spearheads the island’s successful rebranding as an upmarket destination. The old Playa de Las Americas image has been shrugged off, replaced by the shiny new future which Fañabe represents. However, even within the small area of Fañabe, there are marked differences in the types of businesses that prosper.

The area of Fañabe extends behind the beach named after it. The closer to the la Caleta side you are, the newer and more prestigious it becomes. There are more five-star hotels in this small area than anywhere else in Spain. Villas and apartments fetch the highest prices in the south of Tenerife and tourism in this area take a slightly more genteel approach.

Shopping Centres in Fañabe

The main area of commerce is along the beach promenade. Along the Fañabe beach, shops, bars, and restaurants jostle for the attention of passing tourists and trade is brisk throughout the day and evening. This is the more established part of Fañabe and businesses cater for all sizes of pocket. It is the most competitive area to run a business, but the sheer bulk of tourists allow a wide range of businesses to thrive. This beach area is actually made up of a number of commercial centres in a row, such as CC Fañabe and CC Litoral and it is possible to find bargain businesses for sale amongst them.

The next beach along is the Playa del Duque, where luxury and gentrification are the order of the day. Bars and restaurants are more discretely placed and prices higher. Decor is that much more tasteful, service expected to be more attentive. Rents are very high in this area and businesses, should they come up for sale, have substantial price tags.

Between the two beaches is the Plaza del Duque Shopping Centre, a magnet for swanky restaurants and shops. This is certainly the most exclusive of Fañabe’s shopping centres, although perhaps not the busiest. Others, such as the CC El Duque, CC San Miguel and Fañabe Plaza are strategically placed to tempt tourists from the hotels around them. Residents are more likely to shop in the CC Gran Sur as it has a large Mercadona supermarket and a cinema.

Businesses for Sale in Fañabe

Businesses for sale in Fañabe are very much at the front line of tourism. Bars, restaurants, excursions and all sorts of shops have carved out prosperous niches. As you would expect, Tenerife businesses for sale in Fañabe are available to meet all sorts of budgets.