Los Cristianos is where Tenerife tourism began in the South of Tenerife and the area is still going strong several decades later. Locating a business in Los Cristianos brings great advantages because the area has the highest resident population of the southern resorts as well as very high repeat visitor rates. A business for sale in Los Cristianos will therefore be amongst the most sought after in Tenerife.


The Residential Market

The first thing that differentiates Los Cristianos from neighbouring Las Americas is that it is a proper town, rather than just a holiday resort. There are municipal offices, tax offices, a cultural centre and many reasons why local residents from the surrounding towns and villages will visit. Los Cristianos is a transport hub, with a bus terminal and the port of Los Cristianos is the embarkation point for ferries to the islands of La Gomera and La Palma. This has ensured that the busy town of Los Cristianos is a thriving retail centre, with shops of all types available.


The Tourist Market

However, residents form just part of the potential market for business in Los Cristianos as the area teems with tourists. Although there are several large hotels, most of the tourist accommodation in Los Cristianos consists of aparthotels, timeshare resorts and private apartment rentals. This is good for surrounding businesses as tourists are more likely to leave their accommodation to eat, drink and spend in the surrounding town. A lower proportion of ‘all inclusive’ hotels mean that small businesses in the area prosper.


Business locations in Los Cristianos

From a Tenerife business investor’s point of view, Los Cristianos has a great deal to offer. If you are considering purchasing a business for sale in Los Cristianos, then there are a high number of prosperous locations within the area. The town centre, port and town beach area are always busy with tourists and residents alike. The Las Vistas beach area is probably the most popular beach in the South. The entertainment and shopping area of the ‘Golden Mile’ have proved to be a remarkable commercial success. The population density of both tourists and residents in Los Cristianos means that even outside of these hotspots, businesses can find lucrative niches to exploit, such as many of the pool bars in complexes.


Customer loyalty in Los Cristianos

Perhaps the greatest advantage for business in Los Cristianos, which sets it apart from most businesses in Las Americas is loyalty. Residents of course will be loyal to businesses that have served them well. Timeshare resorts see the same people visiting to enjoy their purchased week year after year, and they too will revisit the bars and restaurants where they are known and remembered. Apartments are very often rented to the same occupants year in year out. If you run a business in Los Cristianos well, then you can expect to see the same faces returning, putting less pressure on your marketing budget and improving your bottom line.


The Future of Los Cristianos Business

The future is bright for business in Los Cristianos. As we recover from the recession the business sales market still has many bargains remaining, and business investors are cherry picking those with most potential. High repeat visitors mean that traditional markets will remain lucrative for years to come, while new opportunities emerge due to the evolving demands of the Tenerife tourist. In short, Los Cristianos has the best of all worlds for a business to prosper.