Palm Mar is a small, self-contained sea front town in Tenerife, popular with residents and semi-residents who visit the island during the winter months. Although adjacent to the sprawling Los Cristianos on the coastline, the town is separated by Montaña Guaza, so there is no direct access between the two. For the residents of Palm Mar, this natural barrier is a godsend that separates this attractive town from its brasher neighbour.


Small but perfectly formed

Palm Mar is no tourist city and the topography around it ensures that it can never spread further than its current size. The town is a triangular shape defined by the Guaza mountain, the ocean and the nature reserve that runs along its third side. It is this ‘bijou’ appeal that has made the town popular with local young professionals and regular visitors to the island.


The town was originally developed about 30 years ago and the original bungalows still remain. But since that time Palm Mar has undergone a considerable face-lift and improvements are ongoing. The area has become a highly desirable location to live.


Unlike many areas of Tenerife which have suffered from a messy organic growth, town planners in Palm Mar designed the area down to the smallest detail, and the difference shows. Tiling influenced by Gaudi decorates the ocean promenade and even the sanitation stations have been turned into small forts that tourists pose in front of for photos without knowing what is contained within! There is a large park and further recreation areas planned, including a state of the art 13,000m2 sports centre.


Within the town you’ll find architecturally creative apartment complexes, a far cry from the square blocks that dominate the rest of Tenerife. These stylish homes have attracted young, affluent buyers and the town has a something of a trendy, cosmopolitan reputation.


Running a business in Palm Mar

Tenerife has locations for mass tourism, such as Playa de las Americas. It has destinations suited to the older generation, such as Golf del Sur. Palm Mar is neither of these. You won’t find a lager lout culture, and you won’t be jostled in the streets by grannies on mobility scooters. Palm Mar targets the young, upwardly mobile and affluent: a perfect customer base for many styles of business. But this is just one of the advantages of running a business in Palm Mar.


Customers in Palm Mar are resident, semi resident or the family and friends of property owners. Reaching this market is much easier for businesses in Palm Mar as competition is much lower than the concrete jungles of the large resorts. As long as you are offering a quality product and service, your customers will find you!
Because the town is effectively a cul de sac, Palm Mar’s residents prefer to stay within this self contained town. Stiffer drink driving laws and an ineffective public transport link to the town ensure that residents tend to spend their evenings at the few bars and restaurants in the area. The closest shopping areas are about 15 minutes drive away, so there is also substantial potential for retail exploitation.