It should be Tenerife’s most prestigious and popular area, but it isn’t. Years of neglect have ensured that the Puerto Colon commercial centre works at a fraction of its potential. As we rise from a grim recession, prices of businesses for sale in Puerto Colon are as depressed as they will ever be. It’s a great time for buyers and not so good for sellers… but soon the tables may be turned.


Like many commercial centres, Puerto Colon is showing its age, and in parts it looks fairly neglected. Despite that, there are many bars, restaurants and other businesses that prosper and thrive. Businesses facing the beach and port on the ground floor attract substantial passing traffic, while the first floor units enjoy good visibility from the beach. There are a number of prosperous restaurants and bars on this floor.

The reason for their success is because the commercial centre at Puerto Colon is undoubtedly in the ideal location. Facing the ocean, on one side is the yacht harbour while on the other is a very popular sandy beach. On the hills behind are many thousands of tourists in hotels, apartments and timeshare resorts. Natural gravity brings a constant flow of custom towards the commercial centre.


Even so, Puerto Colon is hardly Tenerife’s answer to Marbella’s prestigious Puerto Banus, but all that might be set to change. Costa Adeje’s only yacht harbour is seen as a focal point in the drive to move the entire area upmarket and appeal to a more affluent tourist. The local council of Adeje plans to revamp the whole commercial area and port, which will make a huge impact on businesses in Puerto Colon. The area will surely become the most sought after for buyers in Tenerife.


With this regeneration of the area coinciding with the rise out of recession, business in Puerto Colon is set to be busier than ever. The thousands of tourist beds that surround the commercial centre have been at less than half occupancy, and some have closed for refurbishment. All these beds will be filling up for summer 2010 and beyond.


The recent past has been a perfect storm for owners with a business for sale in Puerto Colon. All this is set to change rapidly, not just because of the improving economy but also because the area will be receiving a boost. For investors, a perfect rainbow is set to follow the storm.