Business in Golf del Sur
Golf del Sur could be considered a paradise for business. The type of market and its geography bring unique commercial advantages to this self-contained and lucrative niche in Tenerife’s economy. A business for sale in Golf del Sur is worth serious consideration, and a pragmatic business mind will immediately appreciate the benefits

If you are looking for a business for sale in Golf del Sur, the chances are you already know and love the area. Golf del Sur has one of the highest repeat visitor rates in Tenerife, which means that visitors return year after year. This allows businesses to keep regular clientele, even amongst tourists.

Like most areas, Golf del Sur’s trade is based on the type of accommodation within it. Although popular with tourists, there are only three hotels so most visitors stay in apartments or timeshare accommodation. This means that Golf del Sur tourists do not simply spend their holidays confined within the walls of their all inclusive resorts. They eat, drink and shop in the area.

The main appeal of Golf del Sur
The main appeal of Golf del Sur to tourists is that the area is tucked between two Golf Courses. It is particularly popular with the affluent older generations who are drawn both to the game and the lager-lout free environment! These visitors tend to stay in apartments and villas, many of which are owned by them as second homes. So numerous that the locals call them ‘Swallows’, they return every year to spend their winter months (and their money!) in Golf del Sur.

Timeshare resorts also bring back familiar visitors year after year. During the school holiday peak seasons, these resorts are popular with families who own weeks during these convenient months.

Residents make up the third major market in Golf del Sur. There is a great advantage for business in having a level of residential trade. Although it is not the most lucrative market, it has the potential to provide a steady turnover.

But Golf del Sur has another secret weapon up its sleeve that gives businesses within it a huge commercial advantage. The whole area is a cul de sac. The bright lights and shops of Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos are 20 minutes away if you have rented a car and much longer by bus. With drink driving laws now enforced, a night out in Las Americas involves an expensive taxi ride or two. The tourists and residents of Golf del Sur are a captive market for businesses in the area.

Businesses For Sale in Golf del Sur
Comparing the types of business for sale in Tenerife, those in Golf del Sur may have more commercial advantages than most. An affluent repeat visitor market combined with a sizeable resident population enclosed within a small area set the stage for businesses to prosper. If you search the website, you will see that the price of a Golf del Sur business for sale is competitive compared to other areas and there are bargain businesses to be had.